Poundland gets cheeky With Christmas Chocolate Finger Advertisement

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Poundland’s new Christmas advert has set Social Media on fire, with their cheeky new Advert.

The budget store’s new Advert for ‘Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Fingers’ posted on Twitter you could say is a bit risky.

The advert shows a woman that looks like she’s enjoying herself, more than the lady from the Herbal Essences Shampoo advertisement from 1998! with a caption that reads: “For a friend who loves a good finger!”

Here’s the advert for Herbal Essences Shampoo, for anyone that’s too young to remember.

Poundland then finished off the tweet with: “Cadbury’s Fingers £1 #SantaBanter.”

Some Twitter responses – some positive and some bad.

One user wrote:

“Harmless advertising or shameless and distasteful use of sex to sell? I wonder how @CadburyIreland feel about this?”

and another one said:

“In fairness, I love Cadbury’s chocolate fingers but they’ve never made me feel that good so definitely #falseadvertising at the very least.”

With another writing:

“Is it someone’s last day in the Poundland marketing team? And of course, you have sexualised a female in the making of the advert. Nice one.”

A spokesperson for Poundland told The Mirror: 

“At this time of year, giving our customers a laugh is our (all-female) social media team’s only job as Poundland fills the nation’s stockings.”

So what do you think? Harmless fun or has Poundland went too far?